Try NAET Allergy Elimination in Vancouver to Rid Yourself of Allergic Reactions

Allergies never rest. They create problems ranging from mild discomfort to medical emergencies, and something as simple as a dust allergy can leave someone sneezing all day. Sufferers with particularly extreme issues might have to fear proximity to all food they didn’t make themselves. Fortunately, Inspirit Health Group offers one of the best treatment options out there: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (also known as NAET in Vancouver and across North America). And you can complement this treatment with other holistic wellness services we provide:

How NAET Works: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques in Vancouver

NAET revolves around allergen exposure in a safe environment. During treatment, you’ll hold a glass vial of your allergen. Such exposure trains your immune system to recognize allergens as harmless, preventing the unhelpful immune responses that cause allergic reactions.

The treatment uses a multidisciplinary approach. It’s a noninvasive method that includes kinesiology, acupuncture and acupressure, nutritional adjustments, and other forms of natural and allopathic medicine. Attacking allergies from multiple directions gives NAET an edge over alternatives. Since no two people have the same allergy issues, each treatment plan is custom-made to accommodate individual needs.

What Does NAET Treat?

The range of possible allergies is diverse. One person might sneeze when the pollen count is high, while another could break into hives when they spend time in the cold. Some allergens, like peanuts, are often life-threatening. NAET is helpful for all of them. It can even treat allergies to common medications like aspirin and penicillin.

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Inspirit Health Group Offers Convenient NAET Allergy Elimination Treatment in Downtown Vancouver

Benefits of NAET Allergy Elimination Treatment

Most allergy treatments manage symptoms. NAET fixes the source of the problem. It’s also long-lasting. If you’ve relied on pills to treat your symptoms, you know that allergies come roaring back after mere hours. Additionally, the NAET method is helpful for severe allergies that don’t respond to pills or nasal sprays at all.

The applied kinesiology testing process we use to isolate allergens is easy and comfortable, unlike the testing process for allergy shots, which leaves patients covered in dozens of itchy bumps. Though allergy shots also expose patients to minute amounts of allergens, they subject your immune system to all the allergens at once. NAET focuses on one allergen at a time so that your body can gently acclimate to each without unnecessary stress.

Why Us?

We believe that you know your body better than anyone. At Inspirit Health Group, you’ll receive attentive care and active listening to ensure your treatment plan is exactly what you need. Only experts with top qualifications and a history of treatment success ever work with clients. Our NAET providers can help you heal from allergies at severity levels ranging from mild seasonal issues to anaphylaxis.

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