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Food allergies have become more and more common over the past few decades. Allergies to foods like nuts and shellfish have been on the rise and tend to be severe. Unfortunately, it can even be a life-threatening situation. The world has taken steps to make schools and workplaces safer for people with allergies, but there is also a great way to protect yourself. There are a few different ways to get food allergy testing in Vancouver, and Inspirit Health Group has the best available.

Why You Should Visit Us for Allergy Testing in Vancouver BC

Having food allergy testing done is a great way to determine which foods you should avoid before it turns into a dangerous situation. It is also important to understand the difference between having a food allergy and a food sensitivity.

Both food allergies and food sensitivities can cause adverse reactions, but the severity and type will vary. In the case of allergies, your immune system will often react immediately and present symptoms like hives and difficulty breathing. Food sensitivity reactions are more delayed and tend to more commonly affect the digestive system, cause joint pain and even cause bouts of eczema or hypertension.

The Best Allergy Testing in Downtown Vancouver

At Inspirit Health Group, our skilled experts are focused on providing the best holistic care possible to allow every patient to achieve true wellness. Our team is dedicated to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our clients and building a relationship of trust so that you can be comfortable and open to every aspect of healing and wellness.

Interested in learning about the other health and wellness services we offer? Here’s our full list of practitioners and services for your optimal health:

Our qualified team is highly knowledgeable about both food sensitivities and allergies. We offer a few different allergy testing methods and will be able to tell you what will work best for your specific case after your initial consultation.

We can perform immediate energy-based testing along with both IgG and IgE blood tests to determine food allergies. IgG blood tests are more related to sensitivities and will display more delayed reactions while the IgE test will reveal more immediate histamine-based responses like swelling and hives.

Get Your Allergy Testing in Downtown Vancouver from the Best Holistic Practice
The Food Allergy Testing Vancouver BC Residents Can Trust

The Holistic Team with Natural Solutions

Whether you are simply curious or having issues with foods, you can trust our experts to get to the bottom of it with allergy testing in Vancouver.

Moreover, we have an impressive team of professionals with expertise in almost every corner of holistic care, including acupuncture, counselling, dietetics, holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine, osteopathy and more.

Give us a call for your food allergy testing in Vancouver BC and trust the experts with your wellness.

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