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Allergies affect millions of Canadians. Environmental allergens include dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and more. Though it’s possible to reduce your exposure to some of those, it’s not realistic to completely eliminate them. Allergic responses range from mild to severe; some people’s environmental allergies respond poorly to standard over-the-counter treatments, leaving sufferers with symptoms resembling bad colds—or worse. When it comes to environmental allergies, effective testing and treatment are vital since total avoidance is impossible. Inspirit Health Group offers both to Vancouver residents.

How Allergy Testing Works

Inspirit Health Group offers more than one allergy testing option. You can pursue multiple tests or choose the type that you prefer. The skin prick test is one of the most common choices; it involves pricking the skin with tiny amounts of various allergens. After 15 minutes pass, treatment providers check whether the skin displays allergic reactions to any of the prick sites. IgG and IgE blood tests are also options. Both measure antibody levels in the blood, allowing medical providers to identify which allergens cause your immune system to react inappropriately.

We also offer Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). In this method, a medical professional exposes their patient to a small vial of each potential allergen. The treatment provider then observes the patient’s muscles, looking for responses such as weakness or limpness, to ascertain which allergens have an effect.

What Treatment Follows Environmental Allergy Testing?

Sublingual immunotherapy, known as SLIT therapy, is a comfortable, convenient, and noninvasive way to treat allergies. SLIT therapy works by having the patient take tiny amounts of diluted allergens orally. That allows patients to slowly desensitize their immune systems to allergens. Many studies performed over decades show that this therapy is effective in drastically reducing allergies. Unlike allergy medication, which hides allergy symptoms, SLIT therapy goes straight to the source of the problem.

NAET treatment is another noninvasive option. Though it’s often used to treat food allergies, it’s also helpful for people with environmental allergies. It relies on a balanced mix of allopathic and natural treatments. Some of the natural methods include applied kinesiology, acupuncture or acupressure, and more. Along the way, your medical practitioner might alter your treatment plan based on new developments.

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Why You Need Professional Allergy Treatment

Standard allergy medications hide the source of the problem. They might help for a day, but once the medicine is out of your system, you’re back where you started. Treatments that get to the real issue—your immune system mistakenly seeing allergens as threats—work for the long run. Instead of being a person who must regularly treat your allergies, you’ll be a person with milder allergies… or even no allergies at all.

Allergy Testing in Vancouver

Inspirit Health Group offers the best allergy treatment you’ll find in Vancouver. Our combination of allopathic and natural medicine gives you control over your own health. We truly listen to your concerns and needs. After all, you’re the expert on your own body. Inspirit’s location is also easy to find, making it simple to get allergy testing downtown.

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