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The amount of information around food and the contradicting thoughts and viewpoints can be quite overwhelming. More than often you may notice that websites, articles and nutritionists are talking about the same food and have extremely contradicting viewpoints pertaining to the good and bad effects of particular foods. This can get quite confusing for someone who wishes to make some lifestyle and diet changes to improve their general well-being.

To begin with, you need to first realize that dietician and nutritionists work on different levels. While a nutritionist may have studied a related course and other kinds of programs, a dietician needs licensing to practice and prescribe a diet to patients. While both these professionals are adept to give you a plan to realize your fitness goals, remember that a nutritionist’s approach is much broader than a dietician as they might ask to study broader perspectives such as lifestyle, activity levels, profession, personal stress levels, etc., that are parts of your life.

Here are a few benefits that consulting a nutritionist may bring:

Personalized Diet Plan

Improving your diet is one of the key goals for a dietician and nutritionist. As described earlier, when you meet with a nutritionist, they will conduct a detailed examination of your lifestyle, activities, fitness goals, etc. and prescribe a diet plan that will help you accomplish these goals. Whether it is improving your core strength, stability, stamina or strength; different kinds of foods can help you to improve different facets of your goals. By taking in regards all your information, your dietician will devise a plan for you that essentially helps you to achieve your targeted goal.

Effective Weight Loss/Weight Gain

Sometimes a little hand-holding in terms of what to eat goes a long way. If you have been trying to gain weight, lose weight or simply are losing weight at a much lesser rate, effective weight strategies from a dietician can help you assist with this goal and give you a much-needed push. Many times they can also help with maintenance strategies, assisted grocery shopping or simply motivating you to stay accountable for what you eat.

Managing a Disease

If you are diabetic, obese, have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Hypertension, bear in mind that specific diseases call for a much-informed approach than merely following an off the internet diet. Your nutritionist or dietician will need to see your health reports, prescribe additional tests if needed and only then prepare an exhaustive list of foods that they believe are safe for you. Lifestyle influencing diseases such as described above need careful prognosis and diet plan to get maximum results.


Who doesn’t need it? Following a diet plan and sticking to limitations can be difficult if you are a food lover and have a passion for trying different foods. A dietician can help you to not just make sure that you consume healthy food but can also give you safer and healthier alternatives. There is no need to ditch your favourite pasta, paninis or smoothies. A dietician can help you eat healthy alternatives and also teach you how to eat them right. By teaching and imbibing the importance of eating the right, but tasty food, dieticians help you to stay motivated.

If you are interested in learning more about how nutrition can help you achieve your fitness goals or are looking for specialized nutrition coaching and diet plans, the health experts from Inspirit Health Group can help. Their team of nutritionists are trained to identify key diet essentials for varying individual lifestyles and infuse their knowledge in building a detailed nutrition plan.

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