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Are you interested in finding out how the practice of osteopathy can help you? Then here’s a list of frequently asked questions that are sure to help you get a better understanding of osteopathy.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

It all depends on the individual. Some people only need one or two treatments for total pain relief, while others need more time for the soothing effects to kick in. Factors that can affect these results include age, the source and site of your pain, the level of severity, your daily movements and the overall condition of your body. In general, the longer you’ve had this pain, the more treatments you’ll likely need.

What’s the Difference Between Osteopathy and Chiropractic?

Osteopathy focuses more on treating a wide range of disorders and discomfort, whereas chiropractic care lands its focus on relieving muscle and joint pain, focusing on adjustments to the spinal column.

Is the Treatment Plan the Same for Everyone?

No, osteopaths take the time to diagnose every patient, making sure that the treatment they create is tailored to your specific needs. Your age, lifestyle and overall health is taken into consideration, as well as your personal health goals. The techniques used are also specific to the severity and location of your pain as well as other factors, especially when treating children and elderly patients.

Can You See an Osteopath While You’re Pregnant?

As this is a safe form of physiotherapy, you can book an osteopathy appointment during pregnancy. Your doctor will only use treatments and methods that will enhance your well-being and overall health. These treatments can also help your body adapt to pregnancy changes, making the nine-months more bearable and increasing your chances of uncomplicated labour experience.

Who’s Suitable for Osteopathy Treatment?

Osteopathy is suitable for anyone! Young and old, fit and not so fit, everyone can benefit from a few osteopathy sessions. As treatments are modified for each patient’s specific needs, there’s nothing to fear.

Do You Need a Referral?

As osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals who perform personalized clinical diagnoses, you don’t need to be referred to one by your family doctor. However, you’re still free to get one, allowing your medical doctor and osteopath to work together on specific treatment plans.

What Are the Benefits of Osteopathy for the Workplace?

Having the appropriate osteopathic care can save you from missing work due to back pain and repetitive strain injuries. Seeing an osteopath for back issues and poor posture will improve your work morale, increase productivity and reduce the time you’d take off due to ill-health. Treatments are safe, gentle and effective for everyone, releasing stress and improving mobility.

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