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For many women, menopause is a very difficult thing to go through and the symptoms can be both frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with. Hormone replacement therapy is one way of navigating through this transition, although many women do not wish to pursue this route because of the side effects. Acupuncture is a great option to consider for women looking to reduce their menopause symptoms in a natural way that is both safe and effective.

Menopause is more than just hot flashes and night sweats and is not something that happens at once, which is why it is referred to as a transition as symptoms can last many years, making it a very difficult experience. Insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, headaches, bloating, hair loss and irritability are all symptoms and can affect a person’s quality of life and prevent them from going about their daily routine. Menopause is painful and causes a lot of changes in a woman, both physically and emotionally and the transition can be very draining and challenging, and many women feel as though they are literally falling apart.

Acupuncture can help and if you ever feel like menopause is causing you to lose control, this treatment will help you regain it so that you can move smoothly through these transitional years. Acupuncture will help re-establish a sense of equilibrium in your system and weekly sessions will not only make your symptoms a lot more manageable, but they will also help you start to feel like yourself again. It is a treatment that more and more women are considering because they see real results and find themselves in a better mood and are even able to sleep better after their weekly sessions.

The reality is that medications and hormone therapy are not always effective and acupuncture can help treat the symptoms of menopause a lot more successfully. Women will experience less hot flashes and their night sweats will become less severe, as will their general sweating as a result of menopause, which can make many women live in a constant state of uncertainty. Acupuncture can also help with skin and hair problems that many women experience, so the overall benefits are many and it’s definitely worth a try for anyone suffering from menopause. While it may not eliminate the symptoms completely, it can certainly help reduce them and most women will see a significant improvement after a few sessions.

Acupuncture is gaining a lot of popularity because of its effectiveness and it is completely safe, so it’s certainly worth a try, especially if you wish to stay away from medications. If you’re interested in a different approach when it comes to menopause, contact Inspirit Health Group, whose naturopathic doctors and registered massage therapists can help you regain control of your life. With clinics in Yaletown and downtown Vancouver, their therapists will apply the proper treatments to help you during menopause, so contact Inspirit Health Group to book an appointment today.

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