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As hilarious and entertaining as I am, realistically you want to see me as little as possible. A lot of people have switched to working from home due to Covid-19, but these five easy to follow tips are for both when you’re stuck in the office or trying to sneak a conference call in while fending off your children.

  1. For every 1 hour, you’re at your desk (or your dining room table, or your couch…) get up and walk around for at least 5 minutes. Even if it’s a standing desk, even if it’s the world’s most supportive office chair, the regular movement will decrease the severity and frequency of the notorious ‘9-5 back’ that people see me for so often.
  2. Drink your water. Keep a water bottle in front of you at all times. If water is boring to you, splash some juice in or get an infuser and stuff it with strawberries and lemons or something. Water keeps us hydrated and lubricates our joints – it also keeps us alert, helps us metabolize our caloric intake, and keeps skin healthy!
  3. A patient told me a funny little saying – ‘don’t cheap out on the ‘ooos of life’: shoes, tattoos, and where you snooze’. I say do whatever you want tattoo wise, but I agree with the other two! Don’t get cheap shoes and definitely don’t ‘settle’ for a mattress or pillow set that you’re meh about. Your knees, back and neck will thank you later.
  4. Don’t neglect your stretches. Easier said than done, but seriously – go out for a 5k run? Stretch. Went to the trampoline park with the kids? Stretch. Vigorous bird watching? Stretch. Sneak them in – while your coffee is in the microwave; while you’re waiting in line at the bank; while you’re waiting for your water bottle to fill up (see Tip #2).
  5. Trust your gut. If you’re feeling like you’re ‘about to overdo it’, you probably are. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so when doing any activities, make sure you’re aware of your limits.

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