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If you have been thinking about seeing a naturopathic doctor but are unsure what to expect or how they could help you, consider these top reasons to seek out a naturopath.

Holistic Approach

Most people explore naturopathy to find a different approach to their health. Naturopaths are unparalleled in the way they treat their patients in that they look past the symptoms a person has and evaluate them as a whole person. The body is intricate, with all of the systems connecting, which is why it is vital for naturopaths to uncover the root cause of an issue. To determine the source, naturopaths ask a lot of questions about all aspects of your life. So, what may seem unrelated could be quite crucial in determining the cause.


Naturopaths spend a lot of time with their patients, with the average length of a first appointment being more than an hour. This length of time is needed to learn everything about you and have meaningful conversations about your health history. It also allows you to ask questions about your concerns without limiting your visit to just one query.

One of the main reasons naturopathic doctors can spend so much time with their patients is because they are not covered by OHIP, which means they do not have time restraints placed on them. Although the cost of visits is not covered by provincial health care, many have extended employee benefits that could cover the entire cost. You should check with your provider to see what your coverage is like.

Treatment Options

Naturopathic doctors offer a wide range of treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary advice, nutritional supplementation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. More and more people are trying options for treatment beyond prescription medicines.


Naturopaths can run a variety of lab tests. These tests range from allergy testing to annual blood work to urine tests. And, when the results of those tests are in, your naturopath sits down with you to go over the results at your pace. If you already had a series of tests, naturopathic doctors can request your records from your physician or specialist to review the results with you. They can work alongside other practitioners as part of your own integrated health care team.


Naturopathic doctors are highly educated. In fact, most people don’t realize their education is comparable to a medical doctor. They have a minimum of seven years of post-graduate studies, including a bachelor’s degree and a four-year naturopathic medical degree that includes a year internship.

The Path Less Travelled

A lot of people explore alternatives to health care when they have tried everything, and nothing seems to work. Sometimes, this leads people to naturopaths as a last resort. Although naturopathic doctors offer a variety of treatment options, they are trained to provide different paths depending on your health goals. It might take some time but, remember, naturopaths, address the root cause and don’t just try to mask your symptoms.

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