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A good night’s rest is important for many reasons. Sleep is necessary for your health; without it, you cannot function properly and will be in a state of exhaustion. Missing sleep will also cause you to eat more which will result in significant weight gain.

When you’re sleep deprived, you tend to eat more and somehow have a bigger appetite along with a desire for unhealthy foods like chips, fast food and chocolate. Eating these types of food when you’re tired is very unhealthy because it will lead to an increased calorie intake causing unnecessary weight gain.

There are several reasons why a lack of sleep leads to hunger and cravings. Without sleep, you will feel the need to consume more food even though you’re not doing any additional activities or movements, which will quickly cause you to pack on the pounds. Somehow, sleeping less increases a person’s appetite and causes them to think they are hungry. Fatigue enhances hedonic stimulus processing in the human brain which leads to a person consuming much more food than what they actually require. Lack of sleep will often also lead to increased stress which will play a role in the amount of food you eat. The combination of stress, exhaustion and an increased appetite will cause hormonal changes, and if not taken care of, can lead to issues with your health.

Timing is another aspect that matters because the time you fall asleep can affect your appetite. Eating late at night is never a good idea because the calories will remain as opposed to eating throughout the day and burning them off. You’re not likely to do any physical activities late at night which is why it’s important to eat in moderation after a certain hour. Eating too much food and going right to bed will have a lot of negative effects on your health and body, so it’s important to try to eat at the right times. Your metabolism changes throughout the day so it’s never a good idea to eat when your metabolism is slowing down because it will cause you to gain weight. A proper sleep schedule will help you stay on track in terms of food consumption and prevent excess weight gain.

You should also try to tune out fast food commercials late at night because they will target your food stimulus and cause you to feel hungry and overeat at a bad hour. If you must eat, stick to something healthy that you won’t regret in the morning.

If you’ve been experiencing trouble sleeping and find that it’s leading you to unhealthy habits, it may be time to consider seeing a naturopathic doctor who can help you return to a healthy routine consisting of the right amount of sleep necessary for the human body. Inspirit Health Group is a reputable naturopathic clinic in Vancouver that can help restore your sleep patterns so you can return to a healthy lifestyle.

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