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Infertility is an issue that many people struggle with and dealing with the inability to conceive can be both difficult and draining. If a woman does not become pregnant after six months of trying and they are over the age of 35, it is likely that they’re struggling with infertility. Women under the age of 35 who cannot get pregnant after a full year of trying may also be struggling with infertility. Irregular cycles, short cycles and spotting before a period are also reasons that can affect your fertility because issues can exist before a woman starts trying for a baby.

Many women and couples are turning to naturopathic medicine to help with their fertility issues because it is known to help optimize sperm motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation rates and overall counts. Naturopathy can help women by regulating their menstrual cycle and helping to balance the nuances of it. Some medicines can also help with egg quality, and naturopathic doctors may combine acupuncture and supplements to improve and optimize fertility in both men and women. They will also discuss and recommend lifestyle changes that can help with fertility issues as well.

Many couples wonder when they should consider naturopathy for fertility issues and if there is a right time to turn to naturopathic medicine. There is no right or wrong answer and it all depends on the couple. Some patients see naturopathic doctors before they start trying to conceive while others wait until after they’ve tried for a few months before making an appointment. Some patients consider naturopathic solutions after one or more miscarriages or IVF treatments, so it all comes down to the patient and what they are comfortable with. The reality is that anytime is a good time as naturopathy can help and may provide you with the outcome you’re after.

One of the great things about naturopathy is that it can be combined with traditional medicine to increase the chances of fertility. Many patients see naturopathic doctors along with reproductive endocrinologists at fertility clinics because while they are different, combining the two approaches can improve one’s chances as they work really well together. It’s hard to present actual success rates regarding naturopathy treatments because every patient is in a unique situation and the care they receive will vary from one person to another. Certain factors like age, diagnosis and lifestyle will impact the success rate of each treatment; however, hormonal imbalances and fertility can be influenced by acupuncture, lifestyle changes and supplements, all of which naturopathic treatment can provide.

Inspirit Health Group can help with a number of concerns because our registered massage therapistsacupuncturist and naturopathic doctors have the knowledge and experience to treat a variety of health issues. If you are in the Yaletown or downtown Vancouver areas and require acupuncture or massage therapy as a treatment for infertility, contact our clinic for an appointment today!

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