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Atherosclerosis is a serious condition that can lead to a number of health problems, including stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and dementia. It is a condition in which calcium, cholesterol and other substances clog a person’s arteries, which then blocks blood flow to their vital organs, including the heart.

There are several naturopathic treatments that can help with this condition and the reason they are successful is that they target and affect the patient’s cholesterol levels. While there are a number of factors involved in the development of this condition, high levels of cholesterol are a significant contributor to atherosclerosis, and the following supplements can help:

Artichoke Extract

This helps raise good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein. Artichoke leaf extract is available in capsules, tablets and tinctures and is known to help with this condition, so consider taking artichoke extract in supplement or liquid form.


This is a popular ingredient that is known for its healing powers and patients use it for a number of conditions, including the prevention of heart disease. While studies are still being conducted, results are showing that garlic can slow down the progress of atherosclerosis and you can eat it both raw and cooked or even take it in capsule or tablet form.


This is found in foods like liver, chicken, tuna and salmon and is also known as vitamin B-3. It is available as a supplement and a naturopathic doctor may recommend that you take niacin to help with your cholesterol because it has the ability to increase your good cholesterol levels significantly.


This is an extract that is made from plants like sugar cane and yams, and studies have shown that it possesses cholesterol-reducing properties and is available in both capsules and tablets, so talk to your naturopathic doctor about this extract to see if it is a suitable choice.


This is a common shrub that is grown in many parts of the world and many consider it to be a safe and effective treatment for heart disease. This extract is available primarily in capsules and contains a chemical called quercetin, which is known to reduce cholesterol.

Red Yeast Rice

This is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and is a food product that is made by fermenting white rice with yeast. Research has shown that it can lower a patient’s cholesterol levels significantly, so it may be worth considering.

Inspirit Health Group can discuss treatment plans for you in more detail based on your condition, so if you want a reputable naturopathic doctor who can provide you with a different approach, give us a call now. We provide a number of services, including acupuncture and registered massage therapy done by professional and reputable therapists. Our naturopathic clinic will apply the treatment that is most suitable for you, so if you are in Yaletown or the downtown Vancouver area, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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