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Research has revealed that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is people wanting to shed those extra pounds that they have been trying to shed for quite some time. While the resolution is quite common, so are the efforts and cheats on this path. People commonly complain that though they are doing everything possible, it is almost impossible for them to lose those extra pounds no matter what. And when such a time comes all of us resort to crash dieting. You may get immediate results, but let’s be realistic how long can we sustain eating soups and salad day in and day out. If you have been looking to get fitter this new year, it may be time to speak to a nutritionist. Naturopathic clinics in Vancouver have indicated several tell-tale signs that you may want to meet with a dietician.

See a dietician if you suspect that you may have an allergic reaction to certain foods. They will carry out a series of allergy tests to determine if you have allergies that may be interfering with your ability to digest food and consequently lose weight.

According to most doctors, bowel movements that are less than once a day is a definite call for a nutritionist. You may be consuming too many food items that are responsible for constipation. Make sure to let your nutritionist know your complete diet so that this problem can be resolved immediately.

If your stomach feels bloated, painful or if you have diarrhea after consuming milk or milk products, you may be lactose intolerant. Get a nutritionist to test you for lactose intolerance.

If you have tried every other diet in the world and see no or limited results, it may be time to seek professional help to assess whether you have digestion issues. If you notice effects such as acidity, acid reflux, heartburn or excessive burping, you may have some unattended digestive concerns.

Changing hunger levels can be a serious sign of issues. Whether you are too hungry or seldom hungry, or whether this keeps changing, remember to bring that to your naturopath.

Prolonged high levels of cholesterol can be a culprit for the failure of weight loss. With the help of a diet expert, you will know which foods to choose and what to eat so as to maintain your cholesterol levels.

While a dietician‘s appointment is just as important as a routine eye check up or skin appointment, sadly people who are struggling with overweight, obesity or have recently discovered alarming health statistics are the only ones who rushes to nutritionists. A large group of people who are otherwise in the healthy weight range still continue to abuse their body.

We at Inspirit Health Group firmly believe that outer appearance and weight are not the only indications of a truly disease-free and healthy individual. What is more important is making a change in nutritional habits and focusing on adding adequate and well-planned nutrition to your diet. If you want to fulfil your health resolution this year, consider making an appointment with our panel of nutrition experts and get a realistic plan for a healthier you.

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