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For centuries, the concept of natural healing and concepts associated with it, (think acupuncture, massage therapy and your body’s natural ability to heal) have continued to capture the attention of medical practitioners and patients alike. While most medical practitioners do not advocate natural healing and often label it as a sham, many patients have a different story to tell. The ability of natural healing is not such a far-fetched notion after all. In fact, research has shown that a majority of people prefer trying natural remedies rather than rushing for antibiotics, surgery or any kind of medicine.

The Concept of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is an amalgamation of versatile techniques, methods and remedies that are central to the idea of maintaining health without any kind of external surgery or drugs, only through body’s natural ability to heal itself. The concept of naturopathy does encompass the usage of health supplements, vitamins and minerals in a herbal or most natural form and even getting a specific massage from a registered massage therapist (RMT) or practices like reflexology, osteopathy, kinesiology etc. While the definition of naturopathy is rather hazy, the definition of what is ‘not naturopathy’ seems to explain naturopathy more appropriately.

Battle of the Sciences

In a society full of diverse medical drugs, trained and educated doctors, and humongous advocacy to formal medical education, it is rather challenging for anyone to accept the science of naturopathy as a legitimate source of healing. Of course, the battle is intense. On one hand we have naturopathy, based solely on ancient wisdom, old wives tales, plants and natural extracts; while on the other side we have medical science based on years of experiments, carefully measured data, analysis and formally published reports and studies. While medicine is based on facts and data, naturopathy too has given enough proof to exhibit its healing power for a variety of health ailments.

Moment of Truth About Naturopathy

So what is this truth about naturopathy? Is it for real? Is it effective? There is really no concrete evidence to prove a confirmed yes or no. In fact, a study by the Australian government reported no clear evidence for naturopathy. However, a large group of naturopathy patients believe firmly in naturopathy thanks to their positive experience with qualified, trained and experienced naturopaths, such as INSPIRIT Health Group; however, many other patients swear by the power of surgery and medicine alone. Of course, basically maintaining the right dietary composition, exercising, yoga and ‘pranayamas’ are a given, but even naturopathy cannot be completely safe if you are approaching an unknown naturopath with little or no experience. Not all naturopathy techniques help every kind of ailments and it is important that your naturopath gives you a sound judgement on the best form of treatment for you.

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