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Massage therapy is a popular form of alternative healthcare that has been used for thousands of years to help people feel better and reduce stress. If you are considering your first massage, you may be wondering what to expect during your appointment. In this article, we will take a look at what you can expect during your first massage with a registered massage therapist (RMT).

Getting Prepared

Before your massage, you will be asked to fill out a health intake form to help the RMT assess your needs and tailor your massage session. You will also be asked to remove any clothing that will interfere with the massage, such as shoes, jewelry and watches. You will be covered with a sheet and blanket, and only the part of the body being worked on will be exposed.

The Massage Session

Your RMT will start by asking about any areas of discomfort, pain or tension and will then proceed to massage those areas. The massage will be performed on a table or chair, and the pressure applied will be adjusted to your comfort level. The RMT will use various techniques, such as kneading, effleurage, petrissage and friction, to release tension and promote relaxation.

After the Massage

After the massage, you will be asked to take a few minutes to rest and relax. Your RMT will then ask you to get dressed and will provide you with some after-care instructions, such as drinking water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. You may feel relaxed and rejuvenated, or you may feel a bit sore, especially if you had deep tissue work. This is typical and should diminish within a day or two. It is recommended to book follow-up appointments to continue to receive the benefits of massage therapy.

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